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‘Chinese Scientists Have Successfully Cloned Monkeys' revolves around issues of knowledge production, distribution, and inheritance in the landscape of art education.

Wor​ks on this project reflect on inter-generational aspects of artists upbringing.

Slide (bauhaus}(2400px).jpg
Chinese scientists installation view

Untitled Slide(Bauhaus),16.5x22cm,laser print on recycled paper

Yehosua Simon/Alfred H. Barr)(2400px).jpg

Yehoshua Simon(Alfred H. Barr),16.5x22cm,laser print on recycled paper


Eye see,Brain see,30x10.5cm,ink on sticky note

Chinese scientists installation view

Anatomy Lesson,152x190cm,inkjet print on archival paper

Chinese scientists [instalation view] 24

Chinese Scientists have Successfully Cloned Monkeys,

32x40cm,clamshell portfolio,16 sheets

Slide (ubuewb)(2400px)
Slide (top 100 living artists)(2400px)
Slide (recommendend reading)(2400px)
Slide (guernica)(2400px)
Slide (headshots)(2400px)
Slide (distribution by meduim)(2400px)
Slide (delacroix)(2400px)
Slide (lea abir)(2400px)
Slide (class)(2400px)
Slide (class close up)(2400px)
Slide (boaz arad)(2400px)
Slide (artist [romantic myth])(2400px)
Slide (art)(2400px)
Slide (anatomy lesson](2400px)
Slide (rgb)(2400px)
Slide (thesis)(2400px)

Artists Using Photography (Nicola Trezzi),90x120cm,Memjet print

OO OO, 2018.jpg

untitled,15x10.5cm,ink on sticky note

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