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‘Chinese Scientists Have Successfully Cloned Monkeys' revolves around issues of knowledge production, distribution, and inheritance in the landscape of art education.

Wor​ks on this project reflect on inter-generational aspects of artists upbringing.

Slide (bauhaus}(2400px).jpg
Chinese scientists installation view

Untitled Slide(Bauhaus),16.5x22cm,laser print on recycled paper

Yehosua Simon/Alfred H. Barr)(2400px).jpg

Yehoshua Simon(Alfred H. Barr),16.5x22cm,laser print on recycled paper


Eye see,Brain see,30x10.5cm,ink on sticky note

Chinese scientists installation view

Anatomy Lesson,152x190cm,inkjet print on archival paper

Chinese scientists [instalation view] 24

Chinese Scientists have Successfully Cloned Monkeys,

32x40cm,clamshell portfolio,16 sheets

Artists Using Photography (Nicola Trezzi),90x120cm,Memjet print

untitled,15x10.5cm,ink on sticky note