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Nine ~ To

תשע ~ עד

Group-Solo Exibition

Indie Gallery

Tel Aviv, IL

July 2021

Press Release (Hebrew)

‘Nine ~ to’ conceived as a collaborative workspace, created and occupied by the exhibition participants, extending the set-up phase into the presentation period.

I invited twelve artists, designers, and academics to contribute and participate in a composition of artworks, meetings, and minor interventions that constructed an immersive, performative space.

‘Nine ~ to’ set to blur the lines between the ‘one-person show’ convention and the

orchestrated collective effort associated with the worlds of dance and theatre. Following this conceptual frame, ‘Nine ~ to’ can be experienced as a group show, solo exhibition, or one work of art.


Participants: Bar Mayer, ga holistic, Freedom Research Institute, Wye.enn, Ron Chen, Tomer Feigin, Tamar Lewinsohn, Prof. Gad Yair, Dr. Lior Zalmanson, Claudette Zorea.


Communal Table

ga holistic

Found wood plates, screws 

260x130x140 cm


Bystra 2248

Ron Chen

Oil on wood

180x120 cm


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